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Family is Always First...
Swimming Pools are good for the Family.


There is nothing better than getting the whole family outside!
The sun is a good source of Vitamin D.

With an at-home pool, you have control over the maintenance and cleanliness of the water. You will have peace of mind that your child is playing in safe water. Public pools are not always the cleanest, and you truly do not know the safety of the water from one day to the next!  As a result, public pools increase the risk of illnesses.

Many advantages come with taking a swim in the pool — like increased cardiovascular health while saving your joints!  Water activities are great ways to encourage your children to become more active, and, they’ll be too busy having fun to notice that they are getting GREAT EXERCISE!

In today’s world, children are glued to electronic devices. If you’re struggling to get your kids to step away from tablets and phones, installing a pool may be the answer.

Gathering your kids for a fun afternoon of water activities is bound to get them to break out of their shells. You can even invite the neighbors and friends to join.

As enjoyable as it is, swimming is a strenuous and tiring activity.
Can swimming make bedtime smoother? Yes!
So, after spending a few hours in the pool, your kids will be ready for bed.

Everyone can have a little stress from time to time. Adults and kids both can get cranky at times.  Swimming is the perfect way to reduce stress.  “Just Add Water” has a whole new meaning if you have a backyard pool!

It can be difficult for everyone to make time for family with busy schedules. But a backyard pool offers your family the opportunity to spend more time together.

What does it look like ? The kids are splashing around, Dad is firing up the grill on the pool deck, Mom is lounging on a chair with a good book. Everyone gets to do what they enjoy all in the same space — the definition of quality time!

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Sample DIY Project

Picture Before

A Backyard empty; just waiting for a Dream Pool.

Picture At Design

Design Complete – the vision of the To-Be Future Dream Backyard has the family SO excited!

Picture at Completion

Time to Swim and Enjoy the Pool with the Family!

Video at Completion

Where are you on your
Dream Pool Journey?

From Our Customers

“We spoke with several pool builders.  Quotes were 80-95k depending on features.  With DIY, we saved 22k and got the features and upgrade we want.  I am a believer!”

Ryan H.

At Design

At Completion

“I am a detailed person.  The program was easy to understand.  If I had questions, I scheduled a call and got help.  This was a great program for my family.  My wife is so happy… and we saved $24,000.  Awesome.”

Chris P.

At Design

At Completion

“I did the complete Design, Plans, Engineering & the DIY Builder Program.   My wife and I did it together.  Every Saturday we would sit for a 30-minute talk about the project.  We would split any action items and do Zoom meetings for questions.  Wow… pool is GREAT!  And we saved $56,000.”

Anthony W.

At Design

At Completion


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