Homeowner Package #3

Our “DIY Pool Build Program”

Everything you need to complete your Dream Pool


All Package #1 and #2 Items


Construction “How To” Steps

Design, Plans, Engineering
& Construction “How To” Steps

✅ Professional Design To Scale
✅  3D Rendered Photos
✅ 3D Video Walkthrough
✅ Permit Construction Plans
✅ Standard Engineering Plans
✅ Step by Step Video Guides
✅ Construction Checklists
✅ Sub-Contractor Assistance
✅ Expert Recommendations
✅ Phone & Email Support
✅ Pool Equip. Suggestions
✅ Wholesale Pool Equipment

Additional Package #3 Items

Construction Videos: Step by Step

Our video take you through all the major steps! Have a question, Just call!
  • Videos for every step.
  • Each step: Start, Details & End of step videos.
  • Expert Guidance.

Construction Checklists

A checklist for all major activities:  Dig, Steel, Plumbing, etc, etc
  • Checklists for construction steps.
  • Checklists for subcontractors.
  • Checklists for Design.

Subcontractor Assistance

We have recommendations, qualification guidelines, management notes, etc.
  • Recommended subcontractor list.
  • How to work with subcontractor: Process & payment.

Expert Recommendations

Every step of the way we have recommendations & “things to think about.”
  • Overall Dream Pool recommendations.
  • Recommendations for each step.
  • Selection recommendations.

Consulting: Phone & Email

We are with you all the way!  Review of progress, discussions & questions.
  • Overall discussion: Process, steps, etc.
  • Always available to talk: Text, phone, zoom conference.
  • We like answering questions… give us a call!

Pool Equipment Suggestions

Select Pool Equipment that best addresses your requirements and budget.
  • Recommend equipment best for pool features.
  • Recommend equipment best for budget.
  • Discuss options.

Wholesale Pool Equipment

Don’t pay retail. Save, Save, Save.  We will ship directly to your house!
  • Save.  Save. Save.   We have wholesale equipment available.
  • We ship the equipment directly to you.
  • We will recommend quality equipment that balances budget.


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