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DIY call

Stage 1

Question? Call or Email


Goal: Get an Answer

“I have a quick question. I’m looking for clarification.”

Action: Call us at 844-2-DIY-NOW or Click the “Question” Icon at the bottom right corner.

Webinar - DIY

Stage 2

Exploring Webinar


Goal: Learn about Pool Consulting DIY

“I want to Build a pool for 20k less in 8 weeks, how do I learn more?”

Action: Register for our Weekly Webinar.


Stage 3

1-on-1 Zoom


Goal: More Info

“I have explored and want to understand a few more items about the program.”

Action: Schedule a ZOOM Consultation to get the questions answered.


Stage 4

Purchase – Let’s Get Going


Goal: Build my DIY Dream Pool ASAP

“I understand how DIY Pool Consulting can assist me with my Dream Pool. I am ready to get started!”

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